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How to install floor drain and odor proof floor drain?


How to install floor drain and odor proof floor drain?

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2019/05/15 11:51
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Floor drain: floor drain is an important interface between drainage pipe system and indoor floor, and an important component of residential drainage system. High quality floor drain should have the performance of fast drainage, good odor prevention effect and anti blocking and cleaning. Therefore, the direct connection of floor drain performance affects the quality of indoor environment and air, and plays an important role in odor control between sanitary and bathroom Use. Floor drain can be divided into direct falling floor drain and odor proof floor drain.


Comparison between traditional floor drain and modern floor drain


Traditional floor drain: it is mainly composed of upper cover, floor drain body and floating cover. When the floating cover has water, it can float up and down with water in the floor drain. When there is no water or less water, the lower water pipe can be covered to prevent the odor from being reversed from the downpipe to the indoor. Traditional floor drain is easy to be affected by natural conditions, climate, etc. water seal is easily damaged by negative pressure suction formed in the pipeline, and it is lost the function of odor prevention. Or if you don't live at home for a long time, the effect of the odor proof floor drain will drop.


Modern floor drain: that is, automatic sealing floor drain, which is composed of shell and a unique piston type structure inner core. The mechanical principle is used cleverly, and the water energy flow is used to open and close the device. When the drainage is finished, the sealing gasket will automatically close to form a complete seal. It can prevent odor, block, cockroach, virus, return water and dry.


Floor drain odor proof


Method 1: the best effect of odor prevention is to select the floor drain with water bending depth and water seal height of 5cm.


Method 2: once the water in the water trap is dry, it can not play the role of odor prevention, so in dry season, it is necessary to sprinkle the floor drain with clear water.


Method 3: because floor drain should be embedded in cement, it is not suitable to replace it, so it is suggested to select all copper floor drain. Stainless steel should choose zinc thicker to avoid rust. PVC is easy to aging and not used.


Method 4: special floor drain of washing machine should be used for washing machine launching. This floor drain has rotation control, which can be turned off when not in use. Do not use the washing machine to seal too deep, otherwise the water flow is too fast and easy to overflow.


Floor drain and odor proof floor drain introduction and installation knowledge explanation


Floor drain cleaning

A. Cleaning tools: bucket, brush, water pipe, rubber gloves, etc.

B. Cleaning method: when cleaning, pay attention to cleaning the debris on the partition plate first to prevent the debris from being thrown into the sewer and cause congestion. Then brush the parts of floor drain with brush, which can be cleaned with some detergent. then 

Disinfect and deodorize the sewer, and then install the floor drain again.


Floor drain maintenance

The maintenance of floor drain is mainly to clean regularly, keep the floor drain clean and tidy, then avoid sundries dropping into the floor drain, and often clean impurities to prevent congestion and keep the floor drain in smooth use. The U-shaped water collector of floor drain should keep water, prevent the invasion of pests and odor such as cockroaches, and disinfect regularly.


Floor drain installation precautions


1. The center line of the main core of the floor drain must coincide with the center line of the pipeline to ensure the highest drainage efficiency of the product.


2. Floor drain should be slightly lower than the ground so that water accumulation can be avoided and floor drain must be at the lowest part of the floor.


3. The whole decoration process should avoid all kinds of foreign matters, especially cement slurry entering the pipeline through floor drain, which can avoid the pipe blockage caused by the entrance of decoration waste.


4. Please handle the floor drain packing properly to avoid environmental pollution.


Installation method of floor drain

1. Remove the old floor drain, namely, remove the grate and the button bowl on the original drain to expose the water pipe; use the electric saw to remove the old old floor drain and take out the old floor drain, so as to see if the old old floor drain is corroded and can not be used.


2. Remove the small panel and inner core of local leakage.


3. Apply appropriate amount of white cement mortar on the inner edge of the original leakage and the lower edge of the local large leakage panel respectively, and cover it on the original leakage. Note that the plane should be a little lower than the ground, and the drain should be aligned with the drain (it's important).


4. Put the inner core into the floor drain frame and tighten it tightly, and cover the grate. Please make sure to start using it after 12 hours of dry.


Floor drain installation

1: Repair the drainage reserved hole to make it completely consistent with the floor drain bought back, because the reserved holes of the real estate developers are relatively large when the house is delivered. Among them, the hole diameter of floor drain grate shall be controlled between 6-8mm, which can prevent the entry of hair, sludge, sand and other dirt.


2: It should be grasped that the intake of multi-channel floor drain should not be too much. Multi channel floor drain is a product developed in recent years. A body usually has 3 to 4 water intakes (to undertake the washing machine, bathtub, washing machine and ground drainage). This structure not only affects the drainage capacity of floor drain, but also does not conform to the actual design situation. Therefore, the intake of multi-channel floor drain should not be too much, and two (ground and bathtub or ground and washing machine) can meet the needs.